9 Cheap But Effective Interior Design Tips

Budget is one of the major factors involved in the process of interior design. People are hesitant to go for certain design themes particularly because of the high expense it involves. But what if you get to achieve your preferred ambiance and required aesthetics with a budget that suits your pocket? Many interior design firms in Dubai keep in mind your budget preferences to provide you with an ideal interior space, relying on their professional experiences. Interior design firms in Dubai not only take care of the aesthetics but also use methods that lower your budget.

Here are nine cheap but very effective interior designing tips that will immediately uplift your space:


Trying to find important things in a room full of objects not only consumes your energy but also, often, leads to ineffective results. Moreover, a cluttered space is always unattractive. It spoils the vibe of the place and diminishes the overall character.

The best way to simplify and ease the process of interior design is to get rid of unnecessary objects first. Creating a minimalist or even a clearer space gives the illusion of an enhanced area. It makes space considerably easy on the eyes and improves its appearance as well as functionality.


Have you ever given a thought to how you can recycle and reuse discarded items to create something new and exciting? All it takes is some creativity! You can experiment with different paints and ideas and form something distinctive and personal. This will not only help you to keep your budget in check but will also help you possess an exclusive piece of art for your space.


You need a little creativity to make small changes that can make a big impact. Sometimes, we do not stress enough on small details like doorknobs or handles or even switchboards, which, if ignored, could be at odds with the look and feel of your space. Attempting to match these minor elements with the actual concept of the room will instantly show a marked improvement.


To create an effective ambiance, but within a limited budget, one requires a schematic approach. Cutting down money on one aspect and using it for another is the trick. For example, walls play an important role; rather, the most important role in defining the vibe of a room. But painting a wall would cost more money. Why not go for a more economical substitute – wallpapers!

They are not only cheap but also provide you with unlimited design and style options. And it all happens within your allotted budget. Therefore, the amount of money you tend to save here can be used on some other item. Many architecture and interior design companies in Dubai include it as a subsidiary step in their process of designing.


A detailed pattern and texture do not just enhance the particular theme of your space, but it also makes a statement about your personal taste. However, using a wide variety of conflicting patterns is not advisable as it may give your space a cluttered feel.

Selecting the right combination of patterns for your space would not only make it seem less messy but would also cost you less money. From picture frames to pillows and drapes, you can apply patterns and textures to every component of your space.


Lights can change the entire appearance and ambiance of the room. Decorative lights like ambient lighting, accent lighting, or even stunning task lighting features can make the room immediately beautiful. Lights add a cheerful vibe to the space as well, as are extremely functional.


Windows play yet another important role in enhancing the beauty and charm of a particular space. And for modifying them inexpensively, window treatments are the ultimate way to uplift the mood of your room. It gives a unique sense of elegance to your room and is also responsible for defining the mood of your room.


Carpets undoubtedly add texture and comfort to space. But shiny, polished hardwood floors are complete game-changers. The elegance it provides to a space is unmatchable and to top it all, they can be found at an affordable price. Hardwood floors also easily blend in with other elements of designs and generally complements versatile design preferences.


Inexpensive accessories make great aesthetic additions to space. Simple items like colorful curtains, cushions, throw pillows, layered rugs, planters, and more help in transforming the space and adding personality to it. These accessories also provide a personal touch to your space.

In addition to these elements, you can also incorporate form and lines to the design of your space. They help define the basic design of the room and also help to structure the objects according to your preference. People usually have the misconception that with a small budget, it is difficult to give their spaces a high-end makeover. But with these cost-effective tips, you can conveniently and economically design your room according to your preference.

These tips will surely help you to redesign your place, or you can always take help from fit-out and interior design companies in Dubai. Shuraa Interior Fit Out provides exceptional interior design solutions that unite elegance and comfort in a single place. To learn more about our services and how we can help you with your interior fit-out requirements, call us on +971507775554 or